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How Do Computer Glasses Work?

Computer glasses are distinct from ordinary eyeglasses as they are designed to alleviate the eye strain caused by computer use.

Glasses for computer use are crafted with anti-reflective coatings. This unique coating can help minimize screen glare and filter out blue light, which are high-energy light rays generated by a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen.

Anti blue light glasses can also enhance a screen's contrast, a feature that becomes more and more useful as we age.

Many computer glasses also have magnification. Magnification can be selected at checkout should you wish to add this to your computer glasses.

Computer screens are typically 24 inches away from the user's eyes, depending on the model. When you can see clearly at this distance, your vision is said to be in an intermediate range. A standard reading distance is typically around 16 inches.

In other words, your computer distance may lie somewhere between your reading strength and your distance vision (whether you need distance correction or not). This intermediate distance was less of an issue before computers, but now it's more critical than ever.

Computer lenses can come in prescription options as well as non-prescription as a preventative measure against blue light exposure.

The Benefits of Blue Light Computer Glasses

Several issues can result from exposure to too much bluelight.

While blue light can cause eye fatigue, it's not always easy to avoid it. Thankfully, computer glasses can filter out the harmful effects of blue light and prevent its adverse effects. Computer glasses can help with:

  • Enhancing visual acuity
  • Aiding in a restful night's rest
  • Relieving tired, strained eyes
  • Managing circadian rhythm
  • Increasing brightness perception
  • Providing superior contrast
  • Decreasing glare

Additionally, blue light screen glasses can help by:

Improving sleep cycles

Spending time in front of a screen before going to bed has the same effect on your state of alertness as going for a stroll in the sunlight. In our sleep cycle, blue light, which is produced by device screens, is the most active. Many people find it difficult to "switch off" their minds and sleep when this portion of their brain is stimulated, which reduces the synthesis of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is typically released into your system before going to bed.

Using a tablet or other screen before bed might delay this release, making it more challenging to get to sleep. Blue glasses for computer screens may help you sleep better if you can't switch off your smartphone an hour or two before bed, as many sleep experts prescribe.

Letting you stay on task for longer

The main advantage of computer screen glasses is that they reduce eye strain . While it is unclear whether the glasses assist with other eye ailments, they certainly reduce eye strain while sitting in front of a computer for long periods of time. It aids in reducing eye strain.

Computer glasses are an excellent method to protect your eyes when working in an office environment. While you should still look away from your screen and get up for regular breaks to keep your eyes healthy, the glasses may aid with eye strain when you cannot carve out time to step away from a computer or digital device.

Reducing eye strain

If you spend all day staring at a computer screen, you may become stressed or develop eye and muscular strain. As a result of sitting at a desk and staring at a computer all day, many people suffer from muscular pains. Computer eyeglasses that block out blue light might alleviate some of the pressure on the eyes.

It's not uncommon for the blue light to make it difficult to focus on the screen, causing eye strain . The increased contrast on your screen and the reduced strain on your eyes is made possible by blue light spectacles.

Reducing headaches

Mild medically diagnosed migraines and headaches can be worsened by bright light, particularly blue light . As many as 30 million Americans suffer from migraines, and they tend to be more sensitive to light, which typically aggravates their symptoms.

Computer glasses can minimize glare from computer displays and bright lights, helping reduce medically diagnosed migraines when working for long durations. These glasses are essential for minimizing the frequency and severity of medically diagnosed migraines since light sensitivity is one of the cause of migraines .


At BON CHARGE, our computer glasses function by filtering out blue and green light wavelengths, a feature that very few competitors can claim. Most companies offer glasses for computer screen filters for only a small subset of blue light, rendering them ineffective.

High-energy visible (HEV) blue light may be found both outside in the form of natural sunshine and indoors in the form of digital devices and compact fluorescent lighting. According to research, blue light has been linked to electronic eye strain and disrupted sleep patterns.

BON CHARGE makes reducing HEV exposure simple as our lenses provide maximum coverage and enhanced performance in both indoor and external conditions by naturally purifying the high energy wavelengths, which are among the most harmful to your eyes. Our lenses provide the following benefits:

  • filter down blue light (400 nm to 495 nm range)
  • alleviates headaches by reducing glare from digital screens
  • relaxes eyes

BON CHARGE Computer Glasses are made in Australia at a state-of-the-art optical facility, where we focus on delivering high-quality computer glasses.

Our acetate frames are durable yet lightweight, making them best computer glasses for everyday use while still feeling comfortable to wear.

BON CHARGE lenses come with an anti-glare coating that has been optimized to produce minimal color distortion.

At BON CHARGE, we offer stylish eyeglasses with a luxury appearance coupled with sophisticated lens technology in a variety of sizes.