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Great addition to the sauna routine

Very comfortable and makes clean up after a sauna session even easier. Highly recommended.

Great sauna blanket

Easy to setup, use, and clean. Gets hot quickly and holds temperature well. Added the blanket insert for an even easier cleanup. I definitely feel more relaxed and energized after regular use. I highly recommend this product!

Ice Roller
Provi Gilbert
I love this Ice Roller ❤️

Good quality easy to use.
It feels so refreshing on my face and helps give me a radiant appearance.

Harmonising Sticker
Provi Gilbert
Harmonising Sticker 😊

They stick very well to my cell phone, it's hard to tell the difference. but I have peace of mind knowing that we have some protection against exposure to EMF.

Perfect Gift ❤️❤️❤️

I bought this EMF Radiation Free Air Tube Earphones as a gift for my husband to keep it radiation free as much as possible and he loves it and really enjoys using it knowing that it is radiation free. So far so good.

Great light

I love the red colour that emits from this light and it's convenient to use.

Great Beanie

Love my Bon Charge beanie. Bought a cap for my hubby, and he liked it so much he asked me to order him a beanie. He loves his too! I like that it is warm but light weight. Not too bulky and looks nice.


Use it every night when I have to get up to use the rest room, keeps me from turning on the bright light and waking me up.


Truly an amazing product. Been using it daily since September and it truly makes a difference! Love it

Night light in bathroom

I'm so happy to have this in my upstairs bathroom . I was affected by the white night lights and this light is so easy on the eyes at night and I love the motion sensor. Can't wait to add more to my home.

Promote sleep

Calming and relaxing in the evening before sleeping, definitely I will order more. Thank you!


I decided to try one of these bulbs after hearing Andrew Huberman talking about them on his podcast. The amount of light given off the bulb is just right. It creates this instant cozy atmosphere. Both my dogs seem to settle as soon as I put the light on. I've tried reading a book under this light and I can usually get as far as 10-15 pages, before I'm losing the fight to stay awake. They're not dimmable, but then again, the amount of blue-blocking light given off is enough anyway. For the price, these are a fantastic addition to any bedroom. I'd image a great addition for anyone struggling to sleep. Well done, BON CHARGE.

Harmonising Bracelet
Bruce Anderson

I was at the hospital the other day giving blood when 2 nurses complimented me on my bracelet and asked me where I got it! Naturally I said Bon Charge. That pretty much days it all!

Eating with a red light each night? We adopted it!

With my roomate, to make a joke, I installed in the kitchen this red light when I received the shipment. Since one month, every day we eat with this red light.... Incredible! My eyes deeply appreciate and it seems easier to sleep.

Blue Light Blocking Lamp
Baptiste CLEMENT
The msot practical blue blocking lamp

For reading, traveling, brushing your teeth, for toilets... Simple and without blue light!

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Kaye Campbell
So Relaxing

So far I’m at 140 for 40 minutes. I usually dose off because it’s so relaxing.


I use this before bed and it puts me right out.

A must buy

The insert is perfect. Cleaning my sauna blanket has been easier than I thought and I would advise getting one as it fits perfectly.

Plug In Night Light
Patricia Brandow
Plug in night light

This light gives off the right amount of light, so much better then the bright white ligjts

It does exactly what it promises.

Excellent construction. Good attention to details. The filter works as described.

Nightime bookworm

Has helped cut my time in half (probably more) in feel sleepy while reading before bed while not causing my eyes to strain.


I absolutely love this product! It’s small enough to travel with, but covers a good area. I

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Dave Deptowicz
Bon Charge Sauna Blanket

Love it! I have been doing 45 minutes to 30 minute sessions at the 165 to 175 setting. The heat invigorates my body, sleep is better quality, blood flow throughout my body just feels great and I have only completed 5 sessions thus far. Busy schedule but I hope to use it 4 to 5 times a week and I will give you another update in a month.

works like a charm

Very easy to use, just install it and turn it on. I've had trouble sleeping all of my adult life and this helps out tremendously

Harmonizing Sticker

Simple yet effective. I love it!