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Great mask!!!!

Very comfortable to wear and does a great job blocking out the light.

Love it

It’s so great to have the 3 light settings. My partner doesn’t like the yellow during the day so now we can white during the day and yellow at night.

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Carole Hoffer
So relaxing

I love my new sauna blanket it feels great I wish I had room for a sauna room but this is perfect for my space.


Molto bello il design ed il feeling quando li indosso. L'occhio è più riposato e l'effetto è simile a quello della melatonina (la palpebra diventa pesante per l'avanzare del sonno). Sono molto soddisfatto 👍🏻


So relaxing. I’ve only had it for 2 weeks but am excited to see the results in a month of use.

Great buy!

I did quite a bit of research before finding these Blue & Green blocking glasses from Bon Charge. Great quality, sturdy & I love that they came with their own case. They fit perfectly and allow me to easily navigate in my kitchen especially during the pre-sunrise hours while making breakfast (no more piercing refrigerator light!). I house & pet sit in other peoples homes frequently and the glasses have been perfect for all the LED and fluorescent lights people seem to have everywhere these days! My next purchase will be a pair of just blue blockers for daylight hours under those piercing lights :) Highly recommend!


These glasses work extremely well and block all white light and provide a difference in eyesight behavior when in use. Plus they are very well-made, sturdy, and fashionable.

What a great vibe!

What a difference the blue light blocking bulb makes. The light is bright enough that I can read with it, and I find myself feeling tired earlier.


Gives off just the right amount of light to see without jarring you awake at night. Love that you can switch it between permanently on or motion detector.

Very comfortable and it works!

This mask is everything as described! Very comfortable and very dark. I really like the option of being able to open my eyes or keep them closed. The mask provides the same darkness either way. Bon Charge makes top-of-the-line products!

Infrared PEMF Mat Max
Sher J Miller
A must purchase for health

We have had our mat 2 months. My husband and I use it every day. We are sleeping better, more relaxed and calm. We have also seen a decrease in inflammation in our bodies. I got my daughter to order one as well. Although it is heavy, we took it with us on our recent trip in the car. Great natural health tool


Easy to use and setup. So far I love it as it is very relaxing!

Infrared Sauna Blanket Insert
Randy/Lauren Weems/Taylor
Best addition

So Happy I bought the blanket insert for my sauna blanket it makes things so much easier


My daughter asked for this for her birthday. It came in a timely manner. She was happy to get it. She loves it.

Pleasant Surprise

Using the Blackout Contoured Sleep Mask for the first time was a new experience. It really does block out all the light. Plus, I like the way it doesn't press down on your eyes. It stays in place pretty well and is easy to adjust. I like that the strap sits above the ear...not crossing over the top of the ear and pressing down on it. The mask is lightweight and comfortable.

Best air tube headphones I’ve ever used!

I love these. Very well made, durable, and the sound is honestly better than Apple headphones and much better for your health. Highly recommend!

Red Light Face Mask
Keep it (chatster)
Absolutely love it

I love this face mask. After using it for only a week, my skin looks noticeably brighter and more youthful. It fits comfortably around my face, and I use it in the morning before I get out of bed to start my day. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has been looking for a red light face mask. I also have the infared sauna blanket and love it too. I was recommended to your company by Dan Bongino. Great products!!!

Great addition to the sauna routine

Very comfortable and makes clean up after a sauna session even easier. Highly recommended.

Great sauna blanket

Easy to setup, use, and clean. Gets hot quickly and holds temperature well. Added the blanket insert for an even easier cleanup. I definitely feel more relaxed and energized after regular use. I highly recommend this product!

Ice Roller
Provi Gilbert
I love this Ice Roller ❤️

Good quality easy to use.
It feels so refreshing on my face and helps give me a radiant appearance.

Harmonising Sticker
Provi Gilbert
Harmonising Sticker 😊

They stick very well to my cell phone, it's hard to tell the difference. but I have peace of mind knowing that we have some protection against exposure to EMF.

Perfect Gift ❤️❤️❤️

I bought this EMF Radiation Free Air Tube Earphones as a gift for my husband to keep it radiation free as much as possible and he loves it and really enjoys using it knowing that it is radiation free. So far so good.

Great light

I love the red colour that emits from this light and it's convenient to use.

Great Beanie

Love my Bon Charge beanie. Bought a cap for my hubby, and he liked it so much he asked me to order him a beanie. He loves his too! I like that it is warm but light weight. Not too bulky and looks nice.


Use it every night when I have to get up to use the rest room, keeps me from turning on the bright light and waking me up.