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LOVE this Product

For the last 2 weeks or so I use the infrared sauna blanket every night and it has definitely helped with recovery after a heavy lifting day.
My muscle soreness has decreased by about 50%. Highly recommend this product for recovery, relaxation and sleep. Worth every penny. Very happy I pulled the trigger on the purchase

Effective and stylish!

These glasses are perfect for evening screen time. I've been trying to be more mindful about blue light after sundown for the circadian health benefits, but I also love to occasionally watch a show to wind down after my kid goes to bed... I noticed an immediate improvement in my sleep metrics when I started using them!

Absolutely outstanding piece of kit. A great addition to my training program and a wonderful relaxing experience. I would recommend it to anyone.


My little girl LOVES these glasses. They are absolutely beautiful and fit her perfectly. She wears them when doing her homeschooling lessons and says they are easy on her eyes. Great product!


I had a pair of cheap blue light glasses which served me well but ended up breaking so I finally decided to take the plunge on a decent pair! Really happy! Good quality and fast shipping!


I really like them for watching tv in the evening. My sleep has improved.

Handy little tool

Very nice little red light that has 3 brightness levels and can be attached either to a book cover, bed or elsewhere. I use it to read a book before going to sleep. The battery lasts about 2-3 hours, which is more than enough for me.

Package and glasses

The package is well made and the glasses itself are as well. As my profession requires for me to sit by a computer long hours, these glasses really helps me with reducing the blue light daily intake and to sleep better. Overall I feel much better now, thanks.

Very nice glasses!

I am impressed with how these glasses have improved my sleep! The orange lenses took some time, but I wear them every night for laptop or phone use.

Great product

100% satisfied with my sauna blanket.
Using in conjunction with my cold water dipping. Bringing the Nordic way to Lancashire UK.
Thankyou Boncharge

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Amber Greenwood
New Customer

Only used 4 or 5 times to date, noticing I am sleeping so much better! Waiting to see if helps with inflammation and weight, that would be amazing.

Full Spectrum Lamp
Marilynn Boosinger
Very nice little lamp

Excellent variable lighting. Attractive design, clean, uncluttered and gracefully curved. Easily fits on a night stand or small end table.

Full Spectrum Lamp (White)
Skylar Shallenberger
Great Health Conscious Lamp

Amazing Company!!!

Lightweight, Easy To Clip On

I don't like wearing glasses but these clip-ons are lightweight, easy to use and make me want to wear them!

No regrets

Comfortable, well made, nice case, and most importantly, effective.
Very pleased with this purchase.


Absolutely love the clip light. Works brilliantly during the night breast feeding. Perfect to clip on the cot. Great reading light, great torch, easy to carry around, 3 light settings work great! Will be purchasing more products in future.

Convenient. Personal. Hot.

Absolutely awesome infrared sauna product. I'm a regular gym-goer and I'm on a rigourous training program, so a sauna after a workout is ideal. Unfortunately, my gym's sauna is usually either out of order or it's rammed with hot, sweaty men. I can now get home after a workout, turn my sauna blanket on, and build up a huge sweat in under 10 minutes. It's easy to clean and it's my own sweat. I feel really relaxed for ages after, and I'm not as stiff the next day. Highly recommended.

Clip On Blue Light Blockers

Sensational! I was seriously wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time when on my phone or computer after dark. My reading glasses with another pair of blue light blockers on top of those. HAHA. These clip-ons work perfectly. Lightweight, compact, and I can clip them on my reading glasses at will.

Love it!

it's helped my sleep - the main reason i bought these glasses. They are comfy to wear and durable too. Thinking of buying more as gifts!

My new favorite blankie!

The EMF Radiation Blocking Blanket is soft and cozy. I traveled recently and brought it along - it is small enough to easily take on a plane. Not only did it provide a layer of warmth - I always get cold on planes, but it shielded me inside the cabin of the plane. Planes notoriously bombard you with EMF as you are trapped inside a metal compartment with Wi-Fi - everyone is constantly on their cell phones. Absolute torture, IMO. I wear an EMF blocking hat also. The blanket gave me another layer of protection and relief.
I LOVE this blanket and am using it at home as well. It is lightweight yet keeps me perfectly warm and comfy. My little dog snuggles next to me and we feel protected and peaceful.

I’m wearing them right now!

These are so high quality and a perfect esthetic. I’ve been a glasses wearer my whole life and these are constructed perfectly. They’re so cute I wear them out in public daily and feel comfortable in the way I look as well as function. They’re so comfortable even when I wear them for hours each night! They’re helping my eyes feel rested and ready for sleep. I track my sleep as well and my number has improved 5-10 points (scale 1-100) each night since I started using them. I’m based in the US so they did take a bit to arrive but it was well worth the wait. So impressed and happy.

Love the style

The glasses are stylish light, flexible, and comfortable. The lense quality is great and gives me a clear view in the day. Thank you bon charge for the shades.

Great Comfy Stylish Glasses

Super light but made well, good clarity of vision compared with a previous brand we had used. Far more stylish and comfy than we expected! Happy with our purchase.


I had a cheap pair of Amazon red lens, blue light blockers and they were so big on my face, and really didn't even block the blue light that much. These are the REAL DEAL. They fit amazing on my smaller framed face and feel great, and they truly do block the blue light. Love!!

Red Light Face Mask
Karen Martel
Love my new mask!

I love my new red light mask! I use it every day. I love that it's portable so I can walk around with it on.