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Great Comfy Stylish Glasses

Super light but made well, good clarity of vision compared with a previous brand we had used. Far more stylish and comfy than we expected! Happy with our purchase.


I had a cheap pair of Amazon red lens, blue light blockers and they were so big on my face, and really didn't even block the blue light that much. These are the REAL DEAL. They fit amazing on my smaller framed face and feel great, and they truly do block the blue light. Love!!

Red Light Face Mask
Karen Martel
Love my new mask!

I love my new red light mask! I use it every day. I love that it's portable so I can walk around with it on.

Works great

Love it. Wish I had bought one ages ago! Helps on those nighttime bathroom trips!

Infrared PEMF Mat
Caroline Maloney
Great Company! Great Product!

This new Infrared PEMF Mat does NOT disappoint! I’ve been using it every night before bed for a week now, and can’t imagine getting a more restful night’s sleep without it! Warms you up, you wake up more alert, rested and relaxed! Very Happy with this Bon Charge product and plan on picking up a few more! Thank you, Bon Charge for such a quality product!

Sound quality and clarity is exceptional. Just as important is the fact that these are EMF and radiation free.

Clip Light

I've been very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the light, the light it gives out and the flexibility of the light. I was that impressed with it, that I bought another one soon after for a family member.

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Madeline Menezes
Great product

So happy with my purchase. Easy to use and clean. A quality product which delivers. I’m loving the benefit of detoxing in the comfort of my own home. Wish I’d considered this sooner

Anti-Aging Mask

I believe in the power and science of red light. I have another red light device but it’s tedious to hold I ordered this mask and I love it! My skin is glowing and the fine lines are disappearing. The best thing is I can put it on and keep doing the things I need to do. Love it and highly recommend it for anti-aging effects.


I’m super happy with my bracelet. It looks very stylish and I love the feeling of it. I even sleep with it! So amazing to know that I have its stones and magnets working for me 24/7!

Relax nights

I love my glasses, great quality and helps me relax and go early to bed. My 4th pair.

Plug In Night Light
Thomas Curran
Great nightlight!!

This nightlight promotes sleep, relaxation and when I do get up in the night I can go right back to sleep!!

Bedtime game changer

The lamp is so perfect to move around with me while getting ready for bed. & It’s perfect for reading. I have noticed such an improvement in my quality of sleep only using red light prior to bedtime.

Excellent product

We bought two pair and both of us feel they're doing exactly what we wanted. We rest better due to the lack of blue light before we go to sleep.


I'm on my computer and phone for work and school and I've noticed my eyes are getting more sensitive to light. These glasses are a gamechanger! Plus they're cute and fit my face so well.

Best Bulbs in the house!

In the NW it gets dark SO early and light so late, these bulbs have been the perfect tool in keeping our circadian rhythms balanced. My little guy LOVES to participate in turning on the right setting each night :)

Sleep improvements

So far, great. Less than 2 weeks using the Demi and my sleep has already improved.


the nightlight is great

Great for nighttime

Ordered many of the lightbulbs to put in each of my kids rooms for night time and it’s been great! Super helpful to wind down and easy to still read books without the bright harmful lights. Will be purchasing more for our new house!

Perfect little reading light

I purchased two of these blue light blocking clip lights - one for me and one for my sister. We are both avid readers and these clip lights offer the perfect solution to bedtime reading. They have three light intensity settings which provide adquate reading light; they are very light weight so will suit most books, even flimsy paperbacks. The quality and design is first class. Easy to recharge using the USB charger included, but the light lasts for ages. Again, highly recommended for all you book worms and night owls.

My new bedside lamp!

I've finally swapped my usual LED globe for this blue light blocking bulb in my bedside lamp. It's only been a week but I'm noticing a more restful sleep already and less waking up during the night. I use this as my only light source in the bedroom and I find it calming, relaxing but with enough light to prepare myself for bed. Should have done this years ago! Highly recommended.

Love Them!

I really love using these blue light blocking glasses. Not only are they comfortable, but they really do help me wind down in the evenings. The yellow light is so calming, as though my house were lit by candlelight. Whenever I need to take them off (to wash my face, etc.) the house lights seem so harsh and jarring! I’ve been falling asleep faster at night and sleeping more soundly, so I am certain these glasses are helping. I’m trying to convince my husband to get a pair, because he is a terrible sleeper and is on his electronics right up until he goes to bed… but he can’t get over how the glasses look. Lol. Maybe he’ll change his mind some day!

Infrared Sauna Blanket
Kristina Vance
Absolutely Love It!!!

This is the most conveniently compact way to get infrared sauna benefits. I so look forward to my time in my blanket. It’s also easy to clean and store. I would recommend this blanket to anyone looking for infrared sauna.

Amazing benefits

Love this mat for all the health benefits it provides. Great to be able to ground in the fall and winter at home, love the deep sleep mode, I actually sleep through the night now and dreams are so vivid. This mat is everything I was looking for and then some, beautifully crafted. Best self-care purchase for the entire family. Love all Bon Charge products as I have purchased many for their high quality, I’m a huge fan. Great shipping, (I’m in Canada) superior quality, so worth it!

Ease for eyes

I love these glasses. The blocking of hurtful blue light is great. I wear them whenever I'm working on my computer(s). I am sleeping better which was a concern I had. Thanks for these glasses.