We are on a mission to optimise people’s sleep, wellbeing, and recovery, using science backed and rigorously tested wellness products.

Our mantra is to innovate and bring you the most incredible wellness products to help you live your best life. Every product we release goes through a rigorous testing plan that enables us to stand by our hard earnt reputation of having the best science backed wellness products. Designed to enhance your life, optimise your sleep, and boost your recovery.

Born from optimising the light in your life

Our journey began in 2017 when our Founders, Andy and Katie Mant struggled with their sleep. They tried blue light glasses and found that although they helped their sleep improve a little, they were not optimal. Andy and Katie found numerous studies that showed that specific bandings of light needed to be blocked to optimise sleep. They then set about developing a lens tinting process to create blue light glasses that blocked blue light in line with the peer reviewed academic literature. Now these signature blue light glasses are worn by top athletes, doctors and people needing better sleep. With hundreds of thousands of happier eyes across the globe the Mants then set about revolutionising the lighting industry by making healthier lighting, reduced and absent of blue light. Now a complete holistic wellness brand with a truly global footprint, BON CHARGE offers optimised red light therapy devices, cold therapy, EMF shielding and blackout sleep masks, all of which have been optimised to help you live a better life in our increasingly technological world.


Our story is your story! Your trust and belief in us from day one, when we were just a small blue light glasses company, has led us to be one of largest holistic wellness brands. You fuelled our drive to disrupt conventions, to create, innovate and engineer the most optimal at-home wellness products. In our modern-day world full of non-native stressors, it can be hard to live a healthy, holistic optimised life. But we found a way! By thinking in new ways, refusing to accept normality and by pushing boundaries we create solutions to our modern-day world, that fit seamlessly into your every-day life. Founded on science and inspired by nature, our products adopt ancestral ways of living in our modern-day world. We dedicate everything we do to help you. Because there is ALWAYS a solution. Welcome to BON CHARGE.

Our Founders

Andy Mant

A regular speaker at world biohacking and alternative health conferences, Andy is one of the world’s leading experts in how light impacts your health and wellbeing. Born in England and now living in Australia, Andy is a strong believer in ancestral lifestyles and helping people live their best lives in a modern technological world.

Katie Mant

Katie has been pivotal in creating the “BON CHARGE Experience”. Ensuring that our community of amazing customers and followers are provided with the best products to help their lives and feel part of our beautiful community. Born in Wales, Katie has a passion for design and is the brains behind how our incredible products look and function.

Join us and sleep better, recover faster and be the best version of you…

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