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Full Spectrum Light Bulb

Full Spectrum Light Bulb

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Mimics Sunlight
Circadian Friendly
3 Settings

Illuminate your space with this state-of-the-art lighting solution that's designed to optimize your well-being and enhance your productivity by mimicking the changing phases of sunlight. This flicker free and low EMF light bulb will provide circadian friendly lighting to your home or office environment keeping you feeling your best self.

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Align your circadian rhythm by using full spectrum lighting which changes with the sun’s daily cycles.

Experience the power of nature indoors with our Full Spectrum Light Bulb. Simple to use by changing the light spectrum emitted by the bulb by one simple flick of a switch.

Mimicking the dynamic shifts of natural daylight, this bulb lets you adjust its color temperature to perfectly suit your mood, task, or time of day. From cool, invigorating light during the day to warm, cosy hues in the evening, you have complete control over the ambiance of your space.

Say goodbye to the annoying flickering of traditional light bulbs. Our Full Spectrum Light Bulb ensures a smooth, flicker-free illumination that eliminates eye strain and promotes a soothing environment. Whether you're working, reading, or simply relaxing, this advanced technology provides consistent, gentle lighting that will keep you engaged and focused throughout the day.

We have reduced the electromagnetic radiation (EMF) emitted by our light bulb to the lowest levels possible.

Not only does our Full Spectrum Light Bulb create a visually pleasing atmosphere, but it also promotes overall well-being. The spectrum it emits closely replicates the sun's rays, ensuring your body receives the essential light it needs to regulate sleep, boost mood, and improve overall health. Feel the difference as you bask in the fullness of this exceptional lighting technology.

Flicker Free, No Harmful EMF, circadian Friendly

3 Settings

The Full Spectrum Light Bulb has revolutionised the modern lighting industry by supplying full spectrum lighting that changes in line with the phases of the sun during the day and into the evening.


Full Spectrum Light

Soft white glow


Low Blue Light

Warm yellow glow


Zero Blue Light

Relaxing amber glow

Easy To Install And Use

Quick and easy to install in any space

1. Screw In Your Bulb

Screw your Full Spectrum Light Bulb into your favorite lamp or ceiling light.

2. Choose Your Setting

Switch your light on and off again to move through the settings, without using WiFi or Bluetooth.

3. Relax and Enjoy

Enjoy circadian friendly lighting day and night in any environment.

Easy To Install
Energy Efficient
Environmentally Friendly

The Science

Engineered with your circadian rhythm and safety in mind


3 Settings

Flicker Free

Low EMF Radiation

Energy Saving


Helps regulate circadian rhythm day and night

Less headaches and more relaxing

Peace of mind

Save money and protect the environment

No Harmful EMF

Devoid of WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular network radiation

Electrically Safe

Achieved gold standard electrical safety. SAA approved

Circadian Friendly

Balanced full spectrum lighting, keep your body clock aligned

All 3 Light Spectrum Settings

Size Dia.60mm x 108mm
Settings Day to Night – 3 modes
Color Temperature: Setting 1 - Morning / Afternoon - 2500 K
Setting 2 - Evening / Night - 1700 K
Setting 3 - Day - 5000 K
Wattage 7W
Input Voltage AC 120v-240v
Base E26 (USA/Canada), E27 (Rest of the World)
Certifications CE/ROHS/SAA
Lumens (lm) Day - 400.02lm
Morning/Afternoon - 429.50lm
Evening/Night - 378.60lm

Our products are rigorously tested in lab and real-life situations to bring you only the best quality and functionality.

Our founders also personally road-test every product in their day-to-day life for at least six months before launch. That’s how committed we are to you and why our products are considered best in class.

In the improbable event of an issue with your product, we are here to help.

We have reverse engineered the common LED light bulb to minimize flicker by including a current alternator within the bulb.

We have also ensured our low blue light products contain less blue light than standard LED bulbs which make them perfect for the daytime.

We have ensured that our blue light blocking lighting only emits red light making them perfect for the evenings, before bed.

Smart bulbs change colour by using Bluetooth or WIFI which will increase levels of EMF you are exposed to in your home. Cheaper red light bulbs that are red or amber in colour also may emit some blue or green light which isn’t ideal before bedtime.

630nm, pure red light

Yes, the full spectrum light bulb is flicker free.

A full spectrum light bulb is a bulb that emits all colours of light in similar quantities. This is the same as sunlight. A true full spectrum light bulb will have different settings to mimic sunlight at different times of the day and night.

Smart bulbs emit high levels of EMF radiation as they are powered by Bluetooth or WIFI. Smart bulbs may also not emit full spectrum light, but rather just different coloured light. They may also flicker. Using a BON CHARGE Full Spectrum Light Bulb means you are getting a low EMF, zero flicker and circadian rhythm friendly lighting experience.

What Our Customers Say?

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ashlee Rowland
Best Bulbs in the house!

In the NW it gets dark SO early and light so late, these bulbs have been the perfect tool in keeping our circadian rhythms balanced. My little guy LOVES to participate in turning on the right setting each night :)

It's great

Love the red light settings that lulls me to bed without disturbing my circadian rhythm

K Sullivan
Love it so far!

I got a few of these for strategically placed lighting at my desk so I can be lit for video calls with full spectrum light. My old light (like a square ring light) was hurting my eyes and would exhaust them after a couple of hours, and my job requires me to be well lit so that wasn’t working. I like that I can tune the colors according to time of day.

Maria Niitepold

I purchased enough of these for my entire apartment when there was a site-wide sale and I’m glad that I did. I use the evening setting in the morning before sunrise and it allows me to ease into my day without a bright shock to my system.

Heather A
Love these products

I love the full spectrum bulb. Love how I can change it throughout the day to set my circadian rhythm.

Full Spectrum Light Bulb