What is Perineum Sunning?

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perineum sunning

The wellness industry is full of trends and fads and the latest one seems to be something called perineum sunning. But is this practice of sunning your butthole a passing fad or is there some science to it? In this article we will explore what perineum sunning is, whether it is backed by science or anecdotal and whether there are any benefits to sunning your perineum.

What is your Perineum

Your perineum is the area between your genitals and butthole. In women its the piece of skin between the anus and vulva and in men its located between the scrotum and anus.

This area is pretty redundant in function and is seen by many as just an area of skin.

In recent years there has been a surge in wellness and spiritual people pointing their perineum at the sun for reported health benefits including increase in vitamin D production and increased libido.

Perineum Sunning - New Fad or Ancient Practice?

Sunning your perineum has been around for thousands of years according to wellness experts. Perineum tanning has its origins in ancient Taoism. In ancient Taoist beliefs the perineum, or as they call it the "Hui Yin" is said to be an important portal in the body where energy can enter.

Taoists also believe that by sunning the perineum your genitals can become cleansed which keeps your reproductive organs clean and functioning correctly.

In the modern wellness communities and social media influencers around the world and also with biohackers looking for the latest health hack, perineum sunning has become more about getting intense bursts of vitamin D and boosting energy levels. Anecdotal evidence also suggests that perineum sunning benefits also include increased creativity and improved sleep quality when performing this ancient Taoist practice.

Is Perineum Sunning Safe?

At BON CHARGE we are all about finding supporting scientific evidence in all wellness practices. Our research team found no compelling peer reviewed studies that supported any of the reported health benefits of butthole sunning. However, if you experience anecdotal benefits from perineum sunning then you can keep practicing this ancient ritual.

When opting to sun your genital area you should consider that you may burn a very sensitive area of skin on your body. Sunburn is not something to take lightly and can lead to serious health issues if you do not practice safe sunbathing.

Many board certified dermatologists do not recommend this practise and suggest there are healthier ways to get your daily dose of vitamin D.


Perineum Sunning health benefits

Perineum sunning has no proven health benefits that we could find in the academic literature and some experts say that it can increase the risk of certain skin diseases. However, having increased levels of vitamin D in your body has been shown in studies to improve immunity and overall health. The practice of sunning your bottom is probably tied to the increase in vitamin D levels which can be achieved by sunning other areas of your body, where the skin in not delicate.

Regular and safe sun exposure is fantastic for increasing vitamin D levels and you may not need to point your anus at the sun to get high levels of vitamin D production.

There are plenty of perineum sunning memes floating around the internet as well, some very tongue in cheek, pun intended....

How to do Perineum Sunning

If you want to try perineum sunning its important to do so safely. Expert butthole tanners typically only do it for 30 seconds to 5 minutes per day. When trying perineum sunning for the first first you should only start with a few seconds in low UV times of the day. The morning and evening sun is less intense so you can start there and build up more melanin before upping your practice time to the maximum of 5 minutes.

Perineum sunning is best performed naked, so choose a private area and do not expose your perineum in public, we do not want you getting arrested! Lie back and pull your knees into your chest, exposing your butthole to the sun. Ensure you point your perineum directly towards the sun and lie there for your chosen practice time.

If you want to be even safer you can apply sun protection in the form of SPF50 sunscreen to stop you burning.

Final thoughts

Perineum sunning has been around for centuries and is not a wellness fad. However, at first glance it appears that the benefits associated with butthole tanning comes down to increasing vitamin D levels. Therefore, there could be easier, safer and less exposed ways to get your required dosage of vitamin D.

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