What is Cybersecurity and Should I be Concerned?

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BON CHARGE has just released a shield against cybersecurity attacks, so we wanted to write this article for you to fully assess the risks and threats associated with cyber security and why it’s a good idea to protect against data theft.

What is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the art of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at taking, changing, or destroying sensitive information. By implementing cyber security measures, you can help protect yourself from digital attacks from cyber thieves.

Cybercrimes in the US alone have increased 55% since 2020. The estimated cost to the economy is expected to be $11 trillion dollars by 2025. As 5G grows in popularity and advancement, cyber theft is expected to increase dramatically.

Radio frequency hacking using WI-FI, Bluetooth and cellular networks is of grave concern. It's gaining popularity to steal data or gain control of phones, laptops, key fobs, and encryption devices.

Types of Cybercrime

It’s time to act against cybercrime. By blocking WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular networks you can reduce your risk of being hacked and having sensitive information stolen. You can also go one step further and reduce tracking by blocking GPS and ramp up your cybersecurity by blocking RFID, NFC and EKYS.

Types of Cyberattacks

 RFID Attack (Man-In-The-Middle Attack)

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is impregnated into credit cards. It’s what gives them the ability for contactless payment. A Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) attack is the most common way to access RFID located inside your credit cards and steel your data and money.

The attacker can intercept and copy sensitive information between a victim and intended recipient. This enables the attacker to get your sensitive credit cards details such as card number, CVV and expiry date. This means they can then clone your card and commit credit card fraud.

BON CHARGE phone and credit card pouch blocks all RFID signals which means hackers cannot access your credit card information when the cards are stored inside the protective pouch. Coupled with blocking 99% of EMF radiation up to 20GHz this cybersecurity pouch also helps protect your credit card data.

NFC Attacks

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a proximity-based wireless communication standard. Unlike WI-FI or Bluetooth, NFC is extremely short range. You can find NFC on smartphones, tablets, speakers, collectibles, smart watches and gaming consoles.

NFCs are also located in key cards at hotels and involves the reader device generating a magnetic field by passing an electric current through a coil. When a tag with its own coil is placed nearby, the field induces an electric current with the tag and its this digital handshake that opens the other device or data source. 

NFC is based on RFID technology but has a much lower transmission rate.

NFC attacks are aimed at stealing your data. Your smartphone contains NFCs and hackers can use sophisticated technology to hack into your smartphone or laptop computers and steal sensitive information. This can also be done by hacking your credit card information.

To protect against NFC attacks, you can use the EMF Blocking Phone Pouch from BON CHARGE. This product blocks NFC which means attackers cannot access your personal information whilst the device is inside the pouch.

The EMF Pouch also offers unrivalled protection from EMF radiation by blocking up to 99% of EMF radiation to 20GHz which covers WIFI, Bluetooth and cellular networks including the 5G spectrum. 

EKYS Attacks

EKYS are  a type of cryptography, a key is a string of characters used within an encryption algorithm for altering data so that it appears random. Like a physical key, it locks (encrypts) data so that only someone with the right key can unlock (decrypt) it.

Hackers can gain access to this data held on your smart phones and laptop computers and take coded information which may include your personal information.

BON CHARGE EMF Blocking Phone Pouch will stop hackers taking sensitive data from you by blocking EKYS encryptions.

Final Thoughts 

With cybercrime on the rise worldwide its time to act and protect yourself. BON CHARGE has released a military grade data protection device called the EMF Radiation Blocking Phone Pouch that helps protect your data. This pouch fits your credit cards, smart phone and keyless ignition fobs and bocks all EKYS, NFC and RFID which makes it near impossible to steal your data.

What EMF radiation phone pouch blocks

Like all our EMF blocking products the phone pouch blocks up to 99% of EMF radiation to 20GHz, making our EMF protection products some of the best and most secure available.

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