What are Computer Glasses? (Fully Explained)

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computer glasses

Computer glasses are a type of optical lens which are worn during the day when working on a computer. Computer glasses filter down exposure to blue light which has been shown in studies to lead to digital eye strain, headaches and potentially macular degeneration.

These glasses often have a clear lens of pale yellow lens.

What is Blue Light?

Blue light is high energy visible light (HEV light) which is found naturally in the sun and artificially in LEDs and fluorescent lighting. Blue light in the range of 415nm to 455nm has been shown in scientific studies to lead to eye damage which can intensify common symptoms of computer vision issues, digital eye strain, and headaches. HEV light emitted from digital devices is the main culprit.

Artificial Suns and Circadian Rhythms

Exposure to blue light during the day impacts our circadian rhythm. Our circadian rhythm is a clock located in our brains that tells the body the time of the day. This clock is vitally important in regulating hormones and sleep/wake cycles.

Photons from the sun tells our circadian rhythm that it is daytime, the absence of blue lighting after the sun has set tells the same clock system its nighttime. Therefore natural lighting is important in regulating our body clock.

Blue light emitted from artificial sources, such as computer screens, digital devices, televisions and LED lighting is damaging our eyes and leading to eye strain, fatigue and migraines.

By switching the sun for a computer screen we are negatively impacting our health.

What Blue Light Does to our Eyes?

Blue lighting has been shown in studies to cause ocular damage to the retina and lenses. This damage can result is symptoms and conditions which we have outlined below

Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome is the general terms given to artificial lighting induced eye damage from using a computer screen. Symptoms include; eye irritation (dry eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes) blurred vision, headaches, and backaches. Called computer vision syndrome because the symptoms usually occur after using a laptop or computer.

Blurred Vision

Blurred vision, or double vision, from extended computer use, or phone use can occur due to excess blue lighting exposure. This is fortunately only a temporary vision condition. By wearing computer lenses you can limit this symptom. It can also occur due to flicker effect, which can cause the brain to work harder to piece together images.

Digital Eye Strain

Digital eye strain is the most common eye condition resulting for blue light exposure. Digital eye strain can leave your eyes feeling tried, dry and even watery after a long day sat in front of your computer screen.

Computer lenses that filter blue-violet lighting are excellent to receiving the symptoms of digital eye strain.

Headaches and Migraines

A common symptom if digital eye strain is a headache. Digital devices emit blue light which can place strain on your eyes. This can lead to headaches. If you have a sensitivity to blue-violet lighting this may lead to migraines. Glare from screens can also be problematic. Wearing computer glasses can be a great help

When to use Computer Glasses?

Computer lenses are best used during the day when exposed to blue light emitted from artificial sources. Its a common misconception that computer lenses should only be worn when working at a computer. Computer glasses can be worn whenever you are exposed to blue-violet light during the day from digital devices.

computer glasses

Types of Computer Glasses

Computer lenses come in three different forms. These are prescription, non-prescription and reading glasses. All our great for improving eye health, by helping to reduce glare.

Non-Prescription Glasses

These glasses are for people who do not usually wear corrective lenses. These are regular glasses with no script added. They are used to block blue light and come with an anti reflective coating.

They work to reduce eye strain and help soothe the user's eyes when spending long periods in front of computers of increased screen time. They often come with an anti reflective coating to help with glare.

Prescription Glasses

Prescription lenses are best for people who already wear glasses to see better. Blue light coatings can be added to your existing frames by some opticians as well as buying prescription blue light glasses from specialist online retailers such as BON CHARGE.

You can get single vision computer glasses, distance vision, multifocal lenses, occupational bifocal glasses, correction for refractive errors. If you need vision correction its best to apply lens coatings that block blue light to your prescription glasses to prevent further eye damage.

Prescription glasses can also be made to target intermediate zones which is best for a computer user. An eye exam can help determine what prescription you need. If you need single vision lenses, intermediate and near vision lenses, single vision glasses, gaming glasses, progressive lenses your eye doctor will be able to advise you. 

Progressive lenses come with a combination of intermediate zone vision, distance vision and reading vision combined in one lens. A combination of all three distances would be called trifocal lenses. If you opt for multifocal lenses with an intermediate zone added you can also request a larger intermediate zone should this be a better option for you.

Prescription computer glasses act to reduce eye strain from electronic devices and digital screens. You should look to get your eyes examined regularly in case your script changes.

Reading Glasses

Reading glasses combined with blue light protection can be of great vale in aiding with computer work or reading. Magnifying power from +0.25 to to +4.00 can be added to help you see better whilst blocking blue light. 

Reading lenses are infused with anti reflective coatings to ensure you minimise glare when sat a working distance from your computer or book.

Contact Lenses

Currently contact lenses do not come with blue light blocking coatings. However, you can wear clip on blue light lenses or regular non-prescription blue light filtering glasses if you wear contacts.

How to Choose the Best Computer Glasses?

Not all computer lenses are created equal and some work better than others. If you experience symptoms described in this article then you might need computer glasses. Finding the right pair can be hard, but we are hear to help.

Backed by Science

It is always best to choose a pair of computer lenses that are backed by scientific studies. This means avoiding cheap pairs from Amazon and eBay. These glasses only focus on violet light which isn't bad for our eyes. By choosing a pair of blue light filtering glasses from a company that shows lens reports is the best option.

Ensure Optical Quality

Ensure you purchase your glasses from a company that manufactures them in an optical lab, preferably in the UK, USA or Australia. A sure fire way to find out if the company selling these glasses using an optical lab is if they offer prescription lenses.

If they do not it often means they are supplying cheap, inferior products manufactured overseas.

Pay More 

When you opt to purchase your new blue light blocking glasses its also a good idea to opt for a more expensive brand. The increased cost from premium brands offering blue light blocking glasses often means a far superior quality, mades in optics labs and infused with science.

This will give you peace if mind you are getting the best pair of glasses available.

Final Thoughts

Computer glasses are gaining popularity so its imperative to choose the best pair for you. Computer glasses offer a clear lens form of popular blue light filtering glasses which help relieve the symptoms of computer vision syndrome. 

Computer glasses work by targeting damaging blue-violet light emitted from artificial sources.

From prescription, non-prescription and reading glasses options, computer glasses are essential for anyone using digital devices, computers or under some form of overhead lighting during the day.

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