The 5 Types of Eyeglass Frames You Can Get

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When it comes to choosing, which type of eyeglass frames are available to buy there are five main types of eyeglass frames to choose from.

What Type of Eyeglasses Frames Are Available?

1. Full-Rimmed Frames

Full-rimmed eyeglass frames are also known as full-rim or full frame glasses. Full-rimmed frames can be made from plastic or metal frames that go around the entire lens of the glasses. They are thought to be the strongest and most durable type of frame.

Full-rim eyeglasses frames can accommodate thicker lenses, which might be needed for prescription glasses. However, they can also be the heaviest type of frame.

2. Semi-Rimmed Frames

Semi-rimmed eyeglass frames are also known half-rim frames. Semi-rimmed frames can be made from plastic or metal frames and only go around the top half of the lenses.

Semi-rimmed eyeglass frames help to emphasise the upper area of your eyes and are lighter than the full-rim frames. However, since the bottom part of the lenses are not in the frames they are at risk of breaking at that point.

3. Rimless Frames

Rimless eyeglass frames can be made from plastic or metal materials and only attach to the lenses at a small section on the side of the lenses; this makes rimless frames the most delicate of all the types of eyeglass frames, but also the lightest option and offers a very discrete style option to users and more visibility with less distraction from the outline of the frames in your vision.

4. Low Bridge Fit Frames

Low bridge eyeglasses frames are designed for people who suffer from glasses that easily slip off their nose or who suffer from glasses resting on their cheekbones because they have high cheekbones.

5. Safety Glasses Frames

Safety eyeglass frames are a specially certified frames that meet health and safety standards set by different jurisdictions.

Safety frames will have a marking on the frames to denote the standard they meet, such as, ANSI Z87.1 for the USA, EN.166 for the EU and AS/NZS 2228.1 for Australia.

Certified safety frames are not available to buy from BON CHARGE and should only be sourced from an accredited dealer.

Final Thoughts

When buying eyeglasses or sunglasses there are just a few different types of frames for you to choose from.

Which frames you decide to go with depends on your face shape, needs and style preference.

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