PEMF Mats Demystified: How They Work and Why You Need One

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The latest wellness sensation taking the world by storm is PEMF. If you want to learn more about this incredible wellness technology, you have found the right place!


What is PEMF?

A PEMF mat with red light, infrared heat and crystals

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a relatively new wellness craze adopted by celebrities and the who's who of global wellness in recent years. PEMF emits small amounts of natural electromagnetic radiation into our bodies through pads, mats or chairs. 

PEMF frequencies often mimic those found in nature, such as Alpha, Beta and Delta Waves and the 7.8Hz Schumann Resonance associated with grounding. Though not to be confused with a grounding mat, these devices can harness the powerful frequencies found in nature and accelerate incredible wellness benefits for the user.

A study published in the American Journal of Translational Research indicated that PEMF therapy can assist with the release of nitric oxide in the body. This can help speed up recovery for those who use it and why many professional athletes have started adding PEMF to their daily wellness and recovery routines. The long-term effects of PEMF have not been fully studied due to the newness of this technology.

PEMF frequencies then stimulate your cells and open up a pathway to allow for positive ions to pass through. This then triggers the pulse feeling you can sometimes feel when using infrared PEMF Mats.

BON CHARGE’s Infrared PEMF Mat comes with some additional benefits. While having PEMF frequencies from 1-30Hz, this device also contains the hidden benefits of FAR infrared light, near-infrared light, red light, and semi-precious gemstones. These additional benefits enhance the efficacy of a session, optimizing wellness benefits for its users.

Medical-grade PEMF Mats have been used in clinical settings to reduce inflammation, improve cellular function, boost cellular health and help with natural healing processes. At Home PEMF Mats work differently but using lower Herz PEMF that targets creative thinking, improving sleep and helping with sore muscles and stiff joints.


Benefits of PEMF

A man sat on a PEMF Mat max size

PEMF is a relatively new therapy and its long-term effects have not been studied or well researched. However, there are some studies that exist that show promising results for assisting with discomfort, sore muscles and stiff joints.

One of the best benefits of using PEMF devices is the apparent lack of side effects compared to other, more traditional forms of discomfort relief. This helps aid the body's natural restorative processes.

It is worth pointing out that as PEMF uses magnetism, people with pacemakers or metal implants should not use PEMF Mats.

If you are feeling stiff from a long day in the office or need to boost recovery from exercise, 20 minutes on the PEMF mat would be an excellent inclusion to your wellness routine.

The BON CHARGE PEMF Mat can also assist with improving memory, boosting creativity, enhancing mindfulness and improving your deep and REM sleep. Aside from PEMF in this device, the red light therapy can also speed up results and boost recovery times even further. This type of PEMF therapy to support overall wellness goals can be used 3-5 times per week for optimal results.


5 Reasons Why You Need an Infrared PEMF Mat

There are many reasons why you should incorporate a PEMF Mat into your wellness routine, and we highlight the top 5 for you below.

1. Boost Recovery

Studies have shown that PEMF can speed up recovery from sore muscles or stiff joints. Using the PEMF Mat for as little as 20 minutes per day post-exercise can accelerate recovery and get you back to doing the things you love.

2. Improve Creative Thinking

By delivering PEMF at 7-12 Hz, you can boost creative thinking. If you are looking to write a blog, design something or problem-solve you can use PEMF at these moderate frequencies to boost creativity.

This can be done through medication on a larger style PEMF Mat or whilst sitting at your desk using a smaller PEMF Mat such as the PEMF Mat Demi. 

3. Lower Stress

Grounding has been shown in studies to activate areas of the brain associated with relaxation. When we ground to the earth we are flooded with PEMF from the earth called the Schumann Resonance. This frequency of PEMF is assosciated with lowering stress in the body. By dialing into the 7-8Hz PEMF setting on your PEMF Mat you can experience the positive benefits of grounding from the comfort of your own home.

4. Improve Wellness Naturally

We live in a culture of taking supplements, and whilst there is nothing wrong with the occasional supplement, we are boosting our wellness holistically by harnessing the power of PEMF. These natural frequencies are highly beneficial to overall well-being. In a world with non-native EMFs such as Wifi and cellular networks, it's increasingly difficult to harness natural PEMF frequencies. Therefore, using a PEMF Mat can help you dial into these specific natural frequencies and harness their incredible benefits.

5. Improve Deep Sleep

Delta waves have been shown to improve deep sleep. Oftentimes, people will use binaural beats music to help train the brain to release more Delta waves and improve sleep quality. The latest way to boost Delta waves is to use PEMF Mats. By tuning into 1-3 Hz whilst meditation or lying on the device, you can entrain your brain's Delta waves and drift off into a deep, sound sleep.

Types of PEMF Therapy Devices

Different types of PEMF Mats

Now that you know how to use PEMF and what it is, it's time to look at different types of PEMF devices.

Full Body PEMF Devices

A full-body PEMF Mat is the epitome of the PEMF seeker. It is powerful, covers a large surface area, and allows for one-use coverage for PEMF sessions.

BON CHARGE Infrared PEMF Mat Max is a full-body panel that comes with 19lb of semi-precious gemstones. It easily folds up for convenient use and enables you to perform full yoga or mat pilates sessions on the device while enjoying the benefits of PEMF.

Half Body PEMF Devices and Mats

For those looking for PEMF sessions while working, the smaller PEMF devices offer versatility and ease of transport. Half-body PEMF devices such as BON CHARGE Infrared PEMF Mat Demi fit perfectly onto your office chair or sofa, allowing you to enjoy PEMF sessions while you work. This helps boost creativity and problem-solving, optimizing your work day. This type of PEMF Mat can also be used for meditation and some yoga positions.

PEMF Mats are the smallest of the devices and are almost like a cushion. This is a great entry level PEMF Mat allowing you to sit on it for medication or whilst working.

PEMF Wraps

PEMF technology is advancing at an incredible rate. BON CHARGE has recently released an Infrared PEMF Wrap, which delivers all the power of the larger PEMF Mats but in wrap form. This allows for ultra-targeted PEMF sessions for user looking for discomfort relief and faster recovery from sore muscles and stiff joints.

What PEMF Device Do I Need?

A man lying on a PEMF Mat demi

Now that you understand PEMF it's time to choose the best PEMF device for your needs. 

If you are looking for targeted PEMF, you should invest in a PEMF Wrap or PEMF Mat Mini. If you are looking for full yoga sessions whilst you PEMF, you should look into the PEMF Mat Max. Finally, if you require a boost in concentration, creative thinking and productivity you wouldn't go wrong with a PEMF Mat Demi to slot into your favorite work chair or sofa.


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