How to use Red Light Therapy at Home

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Red light therapy has been shown in numerous studies to be beneficial to an assortment of issues. Red light therapy has been shown to improve skin conditionsmedically diagnosed mild arthritisfat loss, helping with acne, boosting muscle recovery, and even improving your sleep.

If you are interested in understanding the advantages of red-light therapy whilst using it at home this article is for you. This guide will talk you through how to get the most benefits from using your light therapy device in the comfort of your own home. This not only keeps the cost down but allows you to appreciate the benefits red light therapy whenever you want it.

Science Backed Benefits of Red Light Therapy

The benefits of red-light therapy are endless. There has been over 4,000 peer reviewed and clinical studies conducted on red light therapy. Numerous studies have shown that red light therapy is beneficial for the following conditions:

·      Improving skin conditions and signs of ageing

·      Pain relief from medical diagnosed mild arthritis

·      Increasing fat loss

·      Reducing fine lines and wrinkles

·      Boosting collagen production

·      Faster muscle recovery after working out

·      Helping sooth mild aches and pains

Investing in your own LED light therapy device is a fantastic way to keep costs down and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of utilising infrared light therapy in your own home. Using red light therapy at a salon or wellness centre can prove expensive in the long run. Some laser therapies can be only available to you in clinical settings whereas red light therapy can be used safely in the home.

How Effective is Red Light Therapy at Home?

Infrared light therapy at home can be just as effective as going to your resident wellness salon. Before you purchase a red light therapy device for your home you must check that the irradiance is at a level comparable to what you would find in a salon. Irradiance is the amount of energy emitted from a red light device.

You want to guarantee your home red light therapy panel emits at least 100mw/cm2 of energy to ensure your red light therapy device is as effective as those found in salons.

The highest irradiance red light therapy devices can be found here. Red light therapy operates by using light emitting diode (LEDs) that contain power red and infrared light frequencies.



BON CHARGE Max Red Light Therapy Device


Red light therapy at home can also ensure you can fit your treatment sessions around your own schedule and not be bound by appointments with wellness centres and salons. You can also use it as long or as little time as you like ensuring you do not waste money on booking extra, unwanted time, at the salon. There are no downsides to using red light therapy so you will be secure in the knowledge that by using red light therapy in the home wont disrupt your day.

To ensure you have the most effective red light therapy in your home make sure you purchase the right size panel for your needs.

Top 5 Benefits of Home Red Light Therapy:

1.     Flexibility on usage times

2.     Use in the luxury of your own home or when you travel

3.     More comfort

4.     No UV rays

5.     Saves money 


How to use Red Light Therapy at Home

The most effective way to utilise red light therapy at home is to follow these basic steps:

1.     Set up from red light therapy device in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines

2.     Remove your clothes from the treatment target area

3.     Turn on either red light, near infrared light or both settings (depending on your treatment target)

4.     Stand or sit between 3 inches and 1 foot away from the device and place on your protective goggles

5.     Appreciate your red light therapy session for between 5 and 20 minutes.

Whilst red light therapy has been shown to not have any side effects we would always recommend doing a light sensitivity test first if you suffer from sensitive skin.

Exact Time Required to Use Red Light Therapy Effectively

The more you use red light therapy the earlier you will see your desired results. The amazing news is that at the time of writing this article there are no major health concerns when it comes to utilising red light therapy devices which means this non-invasive therapy is not dangerous to use at home. The best type of light to use is red (630nm to 660nm) and infrared light (850nm).

Also, the higher the irradiance of the red light panel you are using the less frequently you need to use the device to experience the incredible benefits.

We suggest starting with 3 treatment sessions three times per week which has been shown in clinical studies to be an optimal duration. However, every day could be necessary if you are looking to achieve faster results or have uncomfortable muscles from working out, for example.

Additional Benefits of Using Red Light Devices

·      Speeding up wound healing

·      Reducing the appearance of scars

·      Helping treat acne

·      Helping with the appearance of sun damage (keratosis)

·      Improving muscle recovery

·      Helping with hair loss (hair growth)

How Does Red Light Therapy Work?

Red light therapy treatment works by increasing ATP production during electron chain transport which makes more energy available to speed up healing

Wavelengths of light between 630nm and 660nm (visible red light) is great for treating some skin conditions like acne, wrinkles and age spots as it penetrates the skin

Infrared light at 850nm is great for treating medically diagnosed mild arthritis and speeding up muscle recovery as it penetrates deeper into the muscles and bones.

Both infrared light and red light work to the same principle of increasing energy production to improve cellular function and repair mechanisms at a cellular level.


There are countless benefits to using red light therapy and these have all been tested and shown in the academic literature. If you want to improve your health from one of the conditions listed in this article, red light therapy is a great tool. You can use these devices safely in your own home and achieve the results you want, without having to visit a wellness centre for red light therapy sessions.

B0N CHARGE offers red light therapy devices in an array of sizes to suit your treatment area.

The table below shows the differences in our panels which are infused with the best LEDs with the highest irradiance to ensure the red light therapy device you select for your home is the best red light therapy device available.



Bon Charge red light therapy comparison chart



Peer Reviewed Studies: 



Disclaimer: BON CHARGE red light therapy products are intended to provide heating for the purpose of increasing tissue temperature for temporary relief of minor muscle pain, joint pain, minor arthritis pain, muscle soreness. These products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent specific diseases of medical conditions. These products are only intended to be used on mild conditions that have been medically diagnosed.

Our red light therapy devices and information contained are not intended as medical advice or a substitute for medical advice.

BON CHARGE does not intend these products to cure any physical or skin conditions solely from their use. A qualified health professional or doctor should always be consulted prior to using the products, and professional medical attention should be sought with regard to any serious or life-threatening conditions. BON CHARGE red light therapy devices are registered with the FDA and classed as medical devices (export only) with the ARTG under 390333.

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