How To Protect Electronics From EMP Attacks

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EMP attack

Technology is incredible, the advances we have seen in digital and wireless technology in the past 20 years is astounding. Technology like mobile phones, credit cards and keyless ignition for driving have all made life much easier for us.

However, the use of electronics comes with issues. The long term effects of EMF radiation are still poorly understood and we are also vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack occurred it would shut down the world as we know it and permanently destroy many of our favourite portable electronic devices.

This article is going to review what EMP is, how worried should we be about it and can you can be ready to protect your data, safety and electronics from an EMP attack.


What is EMP?

EMP is an "electromagnetic pulse" which consists of a powerful beam of EMR which can damage your electronic devices. EMPs are invisible and often unstable energy fields and occur very quickly.

Examples of EMP attacks are from a nuclear bomb, solar flares and even home made EMP bombs. These events will cause either temporary loss or complete technological blackouts.

It would prove very difficult to stop an EMP attack from occurring but you can take steps to protect your personal electronic devices from a targeted EMP attack.

The best way to protect yourself from EMP attack is to use radio frequency (RF) protection devices which block EMF radiation up to 20GHz. These EMF protection products not only block EMF radiation they can also block an EMP attack from compromising your electrical devices.


Can an EMP attack permanently disable your electronic devices?

Depending on the intensity of an EMP attack they can destroy your electronics permanently or temporarily disable them. This type of attack my not destroy your smart phone but if an EMP attack took out our power grid your phone would be rendered useless in a quick amount of time with no ability to charge it.

Any device that is powered by electricity should become compromised, damaged or permanently destroyed from EMP. The extent of damage caused to electronic devices such as TVs, mobile phones, power generators, smart appliances etc would entirely depend on the strength of the electromagnetic pulse used in the attack.

Bigger devices may be more vulnerable to an attack, whereas smaller devices may only stop working temporarily.


What electronics would survive an EMP attack?

Electromagnetic waves used in an EMP attack usually target electronics connected to the power grid or relay on electricity to power or charge them. A large scale EMP attack could take authorities up to 6 months to repair which could descend the human race into chaos. Planes wouldn't be able to fly, electrical vehicles could not work and the internet would be down.

Technology without state economic controls would have a better chance at surviving an EMP attack.

Below are 5 technologies that would have the best chance of beating an EMP attack:

Non-electrical appliances

Generators, gas oven and solar powered lighting are examples of technology that would survive an EMP attack. These devices would still work following a pulsed attack.

Solar panels

Powered by the sun, solar panels do not rely on a solid state grid. An EMP attack may damage solar power as it does feed into the power grid one way, but solar panels would quickly recover to continue generating power.

Old electronics

Sometimes is better not to upgrade your electronic devices as the older they are the better they will do at repelling an EMP attack.

Manual appliances

Using devices that require you to input the energy into them to make them work will be EMP proof. For example a standard toothbrush, non-electric razor or manual bottle opener. Sometimes using a bit of muscle power is better in terms of EMP protection than investing in electrically powered devices.

Portable electronics

Some small electronics may survive an EMP attack. Cell phones can survive if they are protected using an EMP shield or housed behind solid brick.


Government plans to prepare for an EMP attack

The US government understands that EMP attacks are a real concern to US citizens and the world. In 2015 at a congressional hearing, EMP attacks and a readiness plan was discussed. The result of these meetings was the creation of 2 commissions who regularly report findings on EMP threats to Western society.

EMP attack radius in the USA

Unfortunately there are still no official bills in the USA, at point of writing, that takes into consideration a protection plan for the national grid.

The US Department of Defence sees EMP attack as a grave concern. To limit their exposure and for business continuity they moved their HQ to a new base where there was less risk of an EMP attack due to the topography.


The National Space Weather Strategy have been monitoring natural solar flare events for decades. This will help give us warning against a natural EMP event.

With no bill passed into law the American people and people of the world are still highly vulnerable to EMP attack.

The Department of Homeland Security" issued a paper entitled "Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) status report" to understand the resilience to electromagnetic pulses. However, these studies are only in their infancy and more needs to be done.

How do you protect electronic devices from an EMP attack?

This type of attack is not good news for humankind. We have become so reliant on electricity than any attack on this source of power could through society into utter chaos.

Now for some good news, EMP can be survived, if you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself. Basic survival tips include having long life food availability in your home and access to fresh bottled water. Medical supplies are also paramount of surviving a large scale EMP attack.

You can also preserve your electronic devices should an attack occur, this will give you a huge advantage during and after an attack vs a regular unprepared citizen.


Basic EMP protection - DYI EMP shielding

If you are yet to invest in military grade EMP attack and electromagnetic shielding devices or EMP bags you can make some quick and simple EMP shields at home.

The easiest solution is to make a home-made faraday cage out of aluminium foil. By wrapping your electronic devices in tinfoil you can help protect yourself from EMPs. This is an excellent method to protect yourself from electromagnetic pulsed attacks.

Steel trash cans with a lid can be used to throw your electronics into during at EMP attack to protect them. Also, having a metal roof or home powered by a solar generator are great ways to protect yourself from an attack.

If you have a microwave you can place your electronic devices inside to protect against EMPs. Microwaves have built in EMF shielding and they can act like a faraday cage for some of your smaller electronic devices. To test efficacy you can place your cell phone inside your microwave and try to call it, if it doesn't connect then you have great EMP protection.

CISA have released an interesting article on what materials can help prevent EMP attacks damaging your electronics.

Blocking EMF and EMP attacks with BON CHARGE

EMP threats are real and although rare to occur we need to be prepared. You can use EMP shielding wallpaper to create a faraday cage inside your own home to protect your electronic devices from EMP attack. You are not always in your home, so using wallpaper that shields from EMP attacks can often be impractical.

To protect your portable devices from EMP attack inside and outside the home its best to use BON CHARGE EMP attack shields. These devices can safely store or cards, cell phone and car keys to protect your technology from EMPs. These military grade pouches and bags stop all incoming and outgoing signals when completely sealed.



These products can also block EMF radiation from entering your body and also prevent cyber attacks and data theft on your cellular devices. By blocking all EMF/RF radiation up to 30GHz you can be safe in the knowledge that when using this EMP attack shield are devices are secure from EMP attacks.

As our use of technology increases the threat of an attack becomes more real. Now is the time to protect your personal devices from EMP attacks, cyber theft and EMF radiation.

Find out more about how to choose the best EMF blockers for home use.

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