Do all blue light glasses have a yellow tint?

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The answer to the question “do all blue light glasses have a yellow tint?” is no. However, it depends on how you wish to use your blue blockers and what you are trying to treat. Blue light is not something you just block, there is a bit more to it than that. Whilst some blue blockers do have a yellow tint, many blue light glasses do not. Does this then render the blue blockers useless if they do not have a yellow tint? Definitely not, but each blue light filter has a purpose and they are not always yellow tinted. Let’s find out more.


There are three types of tint you can have on your blue blockers, let’s take a look at each tint and discuss when and where these different blue blockers should be worn.


Clear Lenses


Many blue light glasses now offer a clear lens which looks as though you are wearing regular glasses. The only difference is they may have a purple, blue or green reflection when someone looks at your blue light glasses. These blue blockers are often called computer glasses.

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The purpose of computer glasses is to filter down blue light by between 5-30%. So if you see a company advertising their computer glasses to be blocking 100% of blue light you know this is not possible and it is possibly a scam.


It is important to know that as humans we need some blue light exposure during the day. 


Computer glasses with clear lenses are worn during the daytime, when indoors an exposed to any source of artificial light. This could be from office lights, laptop, smart phone or your TV. They work by filtering blue light. 


Not all computer glasses are created equal though. Ones that reflect purple or green light are not targeting the  blue light spike found in LED light sources. You can test your blue light glasses or find out more about this by reading our top-rated article on how to test blue light glasses.


Make sure you choose computer glasses that reflect blue light and you will be properly managing blue light during the day. The best computer glasses in Australia and probably the world are from BON CHARGE. These computer glasses are the best as they filter blue light unlike cheaper brands which filter purple or green light.


Yellow Tinted Glasses


Blue blockers with a yellow tint filter more blue light than regular clear lens computer glasses. Yellow tinted blue blockers will filter around 50% of blue light. 


anti fatigue glasses


These glasses are also great for gaming and can be worn day or night as gaming glasses.


With this is mind it is therefore essential to block more blue light during the day than someone who does not game. This is where yellow tinted blue blockers come in. The best yellow tinted blue blockers are made by BON CHARGE and are called Yellow Lens Blue Light Glasses. These yellow tinted blue blockers block 50% of blue light.


Orange or Red Tinted Glasses


There is a third tint that is present in blue blockers. This is an orange, amber or red tint. These blue blockers can be classified as blue light blocking glasses. They are called blue light blocking glasses as they block 100% of blue light. The sad thing is most of these glasses do not block 100% of blue light.

best blue blockers australia

The purpose of blue blockers with an orange or red tint is for evening use, before bed. These glasses are not to be worn during the daytime as some blue light is essential during the day. The magic zone of light to block is between 400nm to 550nm, which is all blue light and most green.


By wearing the best blue light blocking glasses that filter 100% in this range you will get the most out of your blue light glasses before you go to bed. Blue light glasses with a yellow tint or a clear lens will not help much in the evenings, you need a red or orange lens for this. The best blue light blocking glasses are made in Australia by BON CHARGE. (Blue Light Blocking Glasses) are the best blue light glasses as they block 100% of the light between 400nm and 550nm


Do all blue light glasses come with a yellow tinted lens?


The answer is no. Whilst a yellow lens provides great benefits to blue light management they may not be the best option for you. 


Blue light management cannot be found in just one lens as our light needs are so unique to each of us. Make sure you buy the best blue light glasses for your personal needs and always reach out to the company you wish to buy from first in order to have them help select the best pair of blue light glasses for you personally.


For more information on blue light visit BON 

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