Can I Wear Blue Light Glasses all the Time?

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

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It is imperative to protect yourself from harmful blue light. Blue light from digital devices disrupts your sleep, causes digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Wearing a respectable evidence backed pair of blue light glasses can assist.

Blue Light Explained?

Blue light is high energy visible light. Artificial sources of blue light include digital screens, computer screens, smart phones, watching TV and fluorescent/LED lighting. Blue light has been disclosed in scientific studies to lead to digital eyestrain and cause sleep disruption

Blue light during the daytime is beneficial and helps keep us attentive and awake, however we are exposed to too much blue light which is why we are seeing increasing incidences of digital eye strain. Blue light is damaging for your sleep by impeding melatonin production.

We need to filter blue light down during the daytime and block entirely it after sunset. This can be summarised in that our light needs fluctuate from day to night which means we may need different types of blue light glasses at different times of the day.

Should I Wear Blue Light Glasses all Day?

Before you get started you can read what are blue light glasses here. Blue light filtering glasses should be worn all day to protect your eyes if you are surrounded by artificial light sources or light sensitive. During the day we are exposed to blue light from digital devices. Blue light between 415nm and 455nm can lead to the type of minor eye damage.

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To mitigate these negative effects, you can wear a pair of computer glasses. Computer glasses are clear lens blue light glasses and can be worn all day when under artificial light.

You Must Blue Light Glasses at Night

It has been clearly demonstrated that blue light disrupts our circadian rhythm, reduces the amount of melatonin we can produce and disrupts our sleep quality and quantity. However, from this study it is clear we need to block one hundred of blue light and most green light between 400nm and 550nm to help you fall asleep.

A clear pair of computer glasses lenses wont assist as clear lenses cannot block blue light. Whilst this is great for during the daytime we need a lens with superior blue light blocking properties for after sunset.

Blue light blocking glasses with an amber or red lens are exceptional as they target the wavelengths of light that disrupt your sleep. Wear these 2-3 hours before bed or after the sun goes down to assist you sleep at bedtime, but not during the day. The reason is blocking blue light signals to the brain that its night-time which can make you feel drowsy during the day and not as productive.

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When Should You Wear Blue Light Glasses?

Wearing blue light glasses all day is not a fantastic idea as light requirements fluctuate throughout the day. To date, there has been zero studies that we can find that indicate blue light glasses damage your eyes. However, its not bad to wear blue light glasses only when you are exposed to artificial light and to change to adopting sunglasses when outside to help mitigate UV light.

Alternative Measures to Reduce Blue Light Exposure

Whilst its generally okay to wear blue light glasses all day in the correct circumstances there are other measures you can do to help mitigate the detrimental effects of blue light emitting devices.

 Limit Screen Time 

Limiting the amount of TV you watch and smart phone scrolling can help reduce the amount of blue light exposure during the day. This isn’t always possible in the office which means computer glasses would be beneficial to wear all day when at work.

Get More Natural Light

Natural blue light is great for regulating our circadian rhythms. Reconnecting with natural blue light can help regulate sleep/wake cycles and keep us feeling great. Get outside as much as you can, but be mindful of UV light.

Choose Circadian Friendly Lighting

Regular LED and fluorescent light bulbs emit lots of blue light. By using low blue light bulbs and blue light blocking light bulbs you can reduce the amount of blue light in your environment.

Wear Blue Light Glasses Whenever under Artificial Light

Blue light is not just radiated from digital devices, its everywhere and all around us. When exposed to artificial blue light during the day its imperative to wear computer glasses. When unwinding before bedtime it’s a great idea to wear blue light blocking glasses to assist you to sleep better.

Check out BON CHARGE Computer Glasses or Blue Light Blocking Glasses for sleep and also our circadian friendly lighting or black out sleep masks to add to your wellness routine and feel incredible.

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