Can You Wear Blue Light Glasses With Contacts?

✓ Medically Reviewed by Jack Cincotta

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Blue light has been linked with digital eye strain, headaches, and fatigue. If you wear contact lenses for improved everyday vision you want to be certain you are protected against harmful blue light as well.

Blue light glasses can be worn with contact lenses but there are also other options like prescription blue light glasses as well to consider.

Why Should I be Concerned About Blue Light?

Blue light has been shown in the peer reviewed academic literature to lead to digital eye strain which radiates from things like an electronic device or LED lighting. Digital eye strain caused by blue light exposure can cause symptoms such as:


·      Dry eyes

·      Fatigue

·      Headaches

·      Migraines

·      Watery eyes

These symptoms can be both bothersome and painful and is not something you should have to endure, but unfortunately a contact lens does not offer any protection against blue light. High energy blue light that is emitted from your digital devices such as electronic screens, smart phones, televisions, computer screens, and your house and office lighting is the cause of digital eyestrain.


Filtering harmful high energy blue light emitted from these devices should be part of your wellness program. If you are already wearing contact lenses, then macular degeneration may be a concern of yours. By using a precision pair of blue light filtering glasses, you can have peace of mind you are managing harmful blue light effectively.

If you wear contact lenses, chances are you are not protected against damaging blue light, so you need to consider some options for mitigating blue light to add to your eye care routine. To reduce eye strain you need to limit your exposure to blue light.

Do Contacts Block Blue Light?

Many contact lenses do not block or protect your eyes from blue light. Blue light filtering has not yet made its way to contact lenses so you should consider either wearing your contact lenses and using a pair of non-prescription blue light glasses over the top or to drop your contact lenses and opt for a high-quality pair of prescription blue light glasses instead.

You can also read more about whether blue light glasses actually work here.

Can you wear blue light glasses over contacts?

If you enjoy wearing your contacts, you can continue wearing them without fearing blue light exposure. The way to achieve this is to wear blue light blocking glasses as well as your contact lenses. During the daytime its best to wear a high-quality pair of precision computer glasses or light sensitivity glasses. 

After sunset and in the evening, studies have shown that blue light suppresses melatonin production and disrupts your sleep. For this reason, it’s essential to wear a pair of amber or red lens blue light blocking glasses which will help improve your melatonin production and quality of sleep.

Can you get prescription blue light glasses?

If you already wear prescription glasses, you can have blue light filtering coating applied to them when you next order. If you want to filter blue light during the day, make sure you choose a company that has the science readily available about which wavelengths of light to filter or block. Many optometrists may use a generic blue light filter which may be fine for during the daytime but after sunset studies have shown you need to block all blue light to improve your sleep and melatonin production.

During the daytime prescription blue light glasses should have a clear lens. If you suffer from photophobia a yellow lens would be better as it blocks more blue light between 415-455nm which has been shown to induce eye light damage.

It is essential that after unset your blue light blocking glasses block 100% of blue light. This has been shown to improve sleep quality and quantity in this study.

If you do not want to purchase a full pair of prescription blue light glasses, you can always wear a pair of clip-on blue blocker glasses instead. This type of device is type of lens that clips onto your existing glasses to filter blue light.

Where to Buy Blue Light Glasses to Wear Over Contacts

Many online retailers have good evidence backed blue light glasses to choose from. The very best is from BON CHARGE as we offer non-prescription, prescription and reading glasses across three different lens colours.

Blue light glasses for over contacts

Our blue light glasses are registered as medical devices in the ARTG and are FDA registered. Made in an optics lab and backed by science you know these incredible blue light glasses will be best in class.

Contact BON CHARGE today to discuss your new pair of blue light glasses, to ensure you get the bets results. We have the best blue light glasses to wear over your contacts or a full pair of prescription blue light glasses should that be your preference.

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