Are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to Blue Light?

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If you are reading this article, you probably have blue eyes and have a sensitivity to light. It has been verified by experts that people with blue eyes are more sensitive to light. The academic specialists refer to this condition as photophobia.


What is Photophobia?

Photophobia is a profound sensitivity to light. Individuals who experience photophobia will have migraines, headaches, or sore eyes because of vulnerability to luminous artificial blue light from digital devices or from the sun on a bright sunny day.

When people with blue eyes go out into the sun, they will squint more than people with brown eyes. The rationale people with blue eyes squint is to minimise the amount of ultra violet light from entering the eyes, thus lowering sensitivity to blue light.


Why are Blue Eyes More Sensitive to Light?

People who have light coloured eyes are typically more sensitive to light from the sun and artificial light because they have less melanin than people with darker eyes. The more melanin present the better the protection one will have from ultra violet from the sun. People who are more tanned will burn less in the sun than those who aren’t tanned as they have more ultra violet light filtering melanin in their epidermis.

Melanin also works by reflecting light from the eye which helps protect the retina and reduce sensitivity to bright light.

Does Blue Light Cause Light Sensitivity?

Blue and blue green light is the fundamental perpetrator for light sensitive people, especially individuals with blue eyes. The shorter wavelengths of light, in this case blue light, disseminate as they transfer through the stroma. This allows more light frequencies to infiltrate the iris in people with blue eyes and place intense pressure on the nerves at the back of the eye. People with blue eye color should look into advanced eye care to mitigate the risks.


It is this process from blue light that can trigger symptoms of light sensitivity such as migraine headaches.

How to Protect Blue Eyes

To protect your sensitive blue eyes from light you can do 2 things.

1.     Wear Light Sensitivity Glasses. These glasses have been especially designed to filter out all the migraine triggering harmful blue light from artificial sources. They are worn during the day when using your digital devices or under harsh LED or fluorescent lighting.


Light Sensitivity Glasses


2.     Wear Sunglasses. When you are outside, to reduce the chance of a light sensitivity attack ensure your glasses block all UV light. You should also go one step further and ensure complete glare elimination as well.




Final Thoughts

People with blue eyes are more sensitive to the sun and to artificial light. Reducing your sensitivity to light if you have blue eyes is easy. Grab a pair of Light Sensitivity Glasses for your indoor work and wear a pair of good quality sunglasses when outside.

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